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Lot.1920 No.2 Regular Tapered Fit Jeans with Modern Denim (Raw and Rigid) [Regular Tapered/Modern Denim/Non-Wash]

Lot.1920 No.2 Regular Tapered Fit Jeans with Modern Denim (Raw and Rigid) [Regular Tapered/Modern Denim/Non-Wash]

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Lot.1920 No.2 Regular Tapered Fit Jeans Modern Denim (Raw Denim, Rigid, Non-Wash)

<Basic information>

・Silhouette: Loose tapered

Rise: Standard

<Fabric information>

Type: Modern denim

Thickness: 14.5 oz

・Dye: Reddish indigo

-Ear color: Red

・Shrink-proof processing: Yes

Shrinkage after washing: 1 size

<Detailed information>

- The tapered hem and loose fit around the thighs create a streamlined silhouette and are comfortable to wear.

・The fabric is woven on an old-style power loom and is treated with a process called shrink-proofing, which prevents the fabric from shrinking after washing. This process closes the weave of the fabric, resulting in fine fading and allowing you to enjoy the original silhouette of jeans.

- We use denim with red selvedge, commonly known as red selvedge.

-Shrinks approximately 1 size (2-3cm at the waist, 4-5cm at the inseam) after washing.

<About non-wash>

These jeans are delivered in a raw denim rigid state without any washing. You can wear them as is if you like, but they usually need to be washed before wearing. If you would like to wash them yourself, please choose this option. If you would like to wear them immediately after receiving them, we recommend ordering a one-wash option.

<About hemming>

The shrinkage of the inseam varies depending on the washing method and individual differences, so we do not accept hemming (shortening) of non-washed pants. If you would like to have the hem shortened or shortened when ordering, please select one wash.

<About product images>

The model in the photo is wearing a one-wash garment. (Model: Height 176cm, Weight 70kg, Wearing 33 inch, Inseam 72cm)

<Dimensions (unit: cm)>

[32 inches] Waist 86.5, rise 32, hip 108.5, thigh width 30.5, thigh width 28, knee width 23, hem width 16.5, inseam 86

[33 inches] Waist 88, rise 32, hip 111, thigh width 31.5, thigh width 28, knee width 24, hem width 17, inseam 86

[34 inches] Waist 91, rise 33, hip 114.5, thigh width 32, thigh width 29, knee width 24.5, hem width 17, inseam 86

[35 inches] Waist 92.5, rise 34, hip 117, thigh width 33.5, thigh width 30, knee width 25.5, hem width 18, inseam 86

[36 inches] Waist 95.5, rise 34, hip 121, thigh width 34, thigh width 30.5, knee width 26, hem width 18.5, inseam 86

[38 inches] Waist 101.5, rise 34, hip 124, thigh width 35.5, thigh width 32, knee width 27, hem width 19.5, inseam 86

[40 inches] Waist 107, rise 35, hip 129, thigh width 36.5, thigh width 33, knee width 28.5, hem width 20.5, inseam 86

[42 inches] Waist 112.5, rise 35, hip 134, thigh width 38, thigh width 34, knee width 29, hem width 21, inseam 86

*Dimensions may vary depending on individual items and how they are measured.



<Country of origin>

Made in Japan

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