"Make people happy with denim!"

YAMANE INDUSTRIES is a brand that enjoys denim. The more you wear and use denim products, the more you can enjoy the changes that occur over time as the color fades, and they are also strong and long-lasting. Also, denim as a fabric, known as "Japan denim", is one of the industries that Japan is proud of around the world. We want to continue wearing the denim that we love and pass it on to the next generation. To achieve this, we believe that it is important to first get as many people as possible to enjoy denim. And we will achieve this by continuing to bring happiness to all people involved with denim through denim-based manufacturing and services.

Denim products are tough and long lasting, and can enjoy the aging process of color fading as they are used more and more. Denim as a textile, known as "Japan Denim", is one of Japan's world-class industries. We want to make everyone involved with denim happy through production and services based on the denim we love. We believe that this will lead to the preservation of Japanese denim for future generations.

Akihiko Yamane
Akihiko Yamane

Director & Designer